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Week of June 9, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Inline Vinyl - Premium Brand?
This home builder is debating installing Inline windows in a new home in Idaho, as well as a current home in Pennsylvania. After researching Inline's value, it seems they are priced very low compared the competition. Does the low price mean low-quality, or does the Inline brand stand up to the best Vinyl Window companies?! Read More >>
Replacing a leaky patio door - Okna or Sunrise?
This homeowner has a leaky French-style patio door from Sunrise. It was installed before an Okna dealer came into town. Now with some high-end competition, this homeowner needs advice on which brand to go with. Which brand do our experts think has the best value for Sliding Patio Doors? Read More >>
What's a good compromise (with Solar Heat Gain)?
This homeowner (like many others) wants to retain as much heat in the winter, but block out as much heat in the summer from the sunlight. What is the best compromise when it comes to window shopping to get this effect? Which window performance metric should they look at a low U-Factor, low solar heat gain value, or both to save on utility bills? Read More >>

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SHGCSHGC: Keeping Your House Cool this Summer
It's summer! Tis the season for high electric bills and non-stop air conditioning. Did you know that your replacement window choice can directly affect how your house maintains and blocks heat from the sun? Read all about Solar Heat Gain Coefficient here and help lower your electric bills this summer!
Renewal by Anderson
Rating 4
"went from drafty and noisy to very quiet and secure. they look great and are so easy to operate/maintain. the quality is top notch" -Aaron, NY

"They are difficult to operate and the screens retain rainwater so there is virtually no visibility when wet." -Judith, MA

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Excaliber 0201 Windows by Alside
Rating 3.25
"Good glass openings (i.e. narrow sashes). So far, good insulation (down to 35 degrees at night). Good colors inside and out." -Mike L., VA

"Windows are POORLY made! All leak cold air! The company will not comply with the warranty. The installation process went fine. Its the manufacturing quality of the window that is the problem. I will NEVER buy again! " -John Cooper, IA

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