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Week of June 23, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Okna Vs. Marvin Windows
This homeowner is looking for the best window in terms of losing glass. Is the Okna 500 the winner in this debate or is the pricey Marvin Integrity the best option? Should AI Numbers and U-Values be considered? See what our experts think! Read More >>
Preparing for Hurricanes - Impact Glass Windows
This homeowner is looking to install new windows in a Daytona Beach coastal home. With frequent hurricanes, impact glass protection is important but there seem to be so many options. Simonton 9800 Series promises Category 4 hurricane protection at the lowest cost. Do our experts recommend this option or should this shopper look elsewhere? Read More >>
Champion - $20k for 24 Windows
A homeowner was quoted $20,000 for 24 Champion double hung windows installed. Is this a good deal? This quote has supposedly been discounted 40% from the regular Dallas-Fort Worth area prices. Should this homeowner seek other installers or is the price right? Our experts chime in! Read More >>

Review the Basics

SHGCIs "Double-Vision" a myth?
How does laminated glass and dual-pane windows affect the mythical "Double-Vision" effect? Our expert Oberon tackles this often-discussed topic. Is it enviornmental? Does it have to do with the type of windows installed? Is it even a real thing? See what he's got to say!
Vista Windows Company
Rating 3
"The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames and air blows through where the sections meet and at the bottom. They are far less energy-efficient than the old windows they replaced, which were not drafty." -Lisa, MO

"Their triple payne r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price" -Quinn, MN

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Double Hung Windows by Simonton
Rating 3
"HIGHLY recommend NOT to WASTE your money!!! Quality and Customer Service (or lack thereof) are less than desirable. Spent over $3,000 for 3 windows and there is a 2 degree difference between Simonton and our old 1986 aluminum windows. NOT IMPRESSED!!!" -Cold in Colorado

"We purchased 10 Simonton double hung and mulled twin double hung windows. They were affordable, easy to clean, and look good. The problems started from day one with the windows. " -MJ

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