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Week of June 30, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Garden Windows in North Carolina
Garden Windows are notorious for leaking, bad insulation and overall failure. Is there a tried and true model that this homeowner can be confident in purchasing? Is there a fair-priced, good quality model out there? What factors make or break a garden window? See what our experts have to say inside. Read More >>
Soft-Lite Windows
A homeowner is looking to install new Soft-Lite Windows, either the Imperial Pro, Imperial LS, or the Element series. While the warranty seems less than stellar, the experts still think Soft-Lite is a great choice. Check out this thread and see why! Read More >>
Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Anderson, or Marvin Slider Door
This homeowner is looking for a new patio-door to be installed. Every window company seems to have their own product, how can this shopper be sure which is the best? Is the Soft-Lite Montpelier a worthwhile investment for $2,011 or is the higher price Anderson 400 door the better investment? See what our experts think... Read More >>

Review the Basics

SHGCFoam Filled Frames
Replacement Windows frames are usually hollow by nature, especially Vinyl ones. You will often seen some brands tout a "foam-filled frame" as a better option for insulation. Is this true? Take a look at this informative message board post full of insightful opinions by our resident experts.
Super Energy Saver by Castle Windows
Rating 3.5
"This company was one of a few estimates we received. However they do not have a New York city license. They tried to lie by saying the Westchester county licence covers New York City but it does not. Do your home work people!" -MaryG

"Very good window. Energy Star, built to last. Feel very good." -Matt Lucas, OH

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Champion Windows
Rating 3
"Had 1/2 of my windows replaced in 2006. The windows are very nice quality, but expensive, which is why I could only afford to have half of them replaced." -CathyInOregon

"Had all the windows replaced in 2009. Haven't noticed a decrease in energy consumption. They look good, but the sash operator doesn't allow the window to open fully (design flaw)." -RL, MI

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