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Week of July 14, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Vinyl Design Windows vs. Simonton Windows
Quoted $305 per window (installed), this Homeowner is sold on the low price of "Vinyl Design" windows brand. However, after investigating and trying to find reviews, the brand seems relatively unknown. Is Simonton a better choice for this homeowner? Or are there other mid-range windows that our pros recommend? Read More >>
Windows in Connecticut
After 14 quotes, numerous scams, and much frustration, this homeowner finally had good luck with Okna Windows. While singing Okna's praises, this homeowner speaks about the trouble and costs associated to buying windows in Connetic ut. Our experts chime in with some excellent advice for future shoppers, to avoid the traps this homeowner ran into. Check it out! Read More >>
Casement to Double-Hung in 1917 home
A three-story Tudor home, which has already gone through quite the remodel, is due for some new windows. On the sleeping-porch, there are 12 casement windows that need to be replaced. This homeowner is seriously considering Soft-Lite Imperial LS Double-Hung windows. What will the home gain by switching to Double Hung? Is this window a good choice? Read More >>

Review the Basics

SHGCWhy Low-E and Argon are worth the money...
Very often windows that boast better Low-E and Argon ratings are much higher priced. Are they necessary, and if so, what exactly do they add to windows that you wouldn't normal get? Check out this informative post about one of the most important investments you can make in your replacement windows.
Essentials by Sun-Rise Windows
Rating 4
"A beautiful slim replacement window with good energy efficiency ratings. All windows function properly and are of good quality. " -Jim, MI

"Locks uneven top n bottom. Seems a little lightweight in frame. Also glass is thin expensive windows as well.." -Anonymous

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100 Series Casement by Andersen Windows
Rating 4
"Have had all 22 windows replaced with this window and in Iowa where we get extreme cold and hot days. Very well insulated and extremely good and easy use of product" -Dano, IA

"My initial impression is that this window is better than that which it replaced (wood clad with aluminum by Lincoln). The actual test will be how it holds up over time." -BA, CO

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