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Week of September 09, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Insert window or Full Replacement?
This homeowner has some casement windows in a 1980's home that won't open and are experiencing some rust and cosmetic issues. Is it necessary to install all new windows, or can this shopper get away with just Insert Windows. What are the pros and cons of each option? Our experts chime in! Read More >>
Perfect Windows in Pittsburgh
This Pittsburgh shopper is looking for replacement windows that are affordable, quality made, and good at letting light in to keep the home warm and bright. Is the Anderson 100 series too narrow? Ultraweld too thick? Do our experts have a good recommendation? Read More >>
Marvin Ultrex vs Renewal By Anderson Fibrex
Maintenance free, non-wood, affordable windows - do they exist? That's exactly what this homeowner is looking for. After a long process of elimination, this homeowner has come down to two final products. Marvin Ultrex is 40% cheaper than the RBA Fibrex windows, are they still a good competitor? Does the 40% difference mean better quality, or should this user feel confident taking the more affordable of the two? Read More >>

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Window OptionsWindow Choices and Considerations
Window costs are raising constantly, making your window purchase more and more important. It can be hard to figure out what windows to invest your money into, and how each window affects things like your heating bill. Keeping that in mind, as well as aesthetics, installation, and performance makes window shopping difficult. Check out Oberon's post on finding the perfect window!
Gorell Windows
Rating 2
"All our windows were replaced with Gorrell double-pane windows. Half of them failed with 3 years. The ones at the front of the house look like they have permanent frost on them. " -Anonymous, MN

"Spent a lot of money a couple of years ago replacing all of our windows with what we thought were good quality windows. Had one replaced last year due to cracking and called my local window company who we had bought these from about another one that had a broken seal." -Ingrid

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Fortis Series by Vytex Windows
Rating 4
"So far VERY impressed with the Customer Service, and warranty. The windows are also very good. The major selling points for these windows beyond the higher than required Argon is the Composite Core frame for stability and strength, as well as "Virgin Vinyl" which all resists fading, cracking, bowing and warping." -Anonymous, MD

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