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Anlin Windows and Soundproofing
This homeowner is looking to replace 12 windows and a patio door with Anlin products. The most important factor for this shopper is thickness and sound-proofing. While the more expensive Del Mar package promises the best of both, will the more affordable Catelina package offer the same benefits? See what our pros say! Read More >>
Colored Vinyl Windows?
When receiving quotes for 9 windows and 2 sliding doors, an estimated $2700 extra would be needed to get colored vinyl. This seems expensive, and this homeowner is curious if this is an acceptable price for colored vinyl. Take a look at whether or not our experts think this estimate is fair. Read More >>

Ohio Window Shopping
This Northeastern Ohio window shopper is having some second thoughts about quoted windows for a 1978 home. Is $6000 for 10 Fortis Double-Hung Triple-Pane windows a good price? The installer is rated well, but the sales tactics are making this window shopper a little uneasy. See what our experts say about the window, as well as advice on the entire window-shopping experience. Read More >>

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Top 100 mfrThe Best Window Brands?
Looking to install new windows before the winter comes full storm? Are you getting caught up in all the different options? Our expert contractors have compiled a list of the TOP 100 Replacement Window Brands. Check out our guide of the best to help you decide which brands to consider before this holiday season!
Atrium Windows
Rating 3
"We installed our Atrium Series 5000 windows 8 yrs ago when we built our home. They constantly have had issues with the balance breaking (they are spring loaded and when they go, it sounds like a 22 caliber pistol firing) and punching holes in the sash of the windows. " -Craig, TX

"Atrium has gotten a bad rap this year when they decide to refinance the company. But the quality of their windows are great. You can buy them at many national supply house, and Lowes. I did a lot of research before buying them and love the windows."" -Yvonne, CT

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Renewal by Andersen Double Hung
Rating 2
"I have replaced 5 of my anderson windows. I have 5more to replace.The problem is the bottom right of the bottom sash on every window is rotting. " -J. Knoll

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