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Windows in Illinois
An Illinois window-shopper is looking to have double-hung windows and a patio door installed in a central Illinois home. Will it be a hassle to ensure the windows sit flush with the siding? Which brands are going to be the aesthetically pleasing? Is there a better option aside from the Okna 800 and Pella 450? See what our pros recommend! Read More >>
Fogging In Between Glass Panes
After owning Imperial windows for about twenty years, this home-owner has noticed several windows are starting to accumulate fog between the glass panes. Is this something that is repairable, or is it more cost-efficient to install new windows? Would the warranty cover the fogging? See what our pros think the best option for this homeowner is! Read More >>

Replacing Large Direct Set Windows
This homeowner is looking to replace four large direct set windows in a mid-century ranch home. Most contractors have recommended large tempered glass windows due to the size and distance from the ground. What will be the best way to have these installed? Is a direct-set a good idea, or would a sash-pack be necessary?Read More >>

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Top 100 mfrWindow Tips
Curious what U-Value is a good rating for energy efficiency? What about information about the quality of a window warranty? We've collected a page of window tips submitted by our experts and our visitors. Take a look at our informative page before you start your window-shopping, or submit a tip of your own!
Gorell Windows
Rating 2
"Terrible windows. We paid 600 per windows and they lost the Krypton gas " -Edith, IL

"Spent a lot of money a couple of years ago replacing all of our windows with what we thought were good quality windows. Had one replaced last year due to cracking."" -Ingrid

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Imperial LS by Soft-Lite
Rating 4
"Have had countless problems including ice/condensation, air leaks, vapor between panes (on both double hung and crank outs), poor fit of slide by units. " -Cheryl, IL

"Overall I love the Softlite windows. I had all of my windows replaced 22 in all. I was worried about the price but after they were all in I believe they are worth it. The windows open easily, are easy to clean.." -Robert, WI

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