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Choosing a Replacement Window Glass package?
This homeowner is having a difficult time deciding which brand of window to choose from, specifically, which kind of glass! Milgard has offered a glass with a 4th surface coating that make work well for this high-altitude Idaho home. Should a triple pane glass be installed? Which kind of Low-E coating will be the most beneficial? See what our experts have to say about this window dilemma!
Winter Window Problems - Frozen Condensation!
It has certainly been a rough winter for everyone, and this homeowner is having an especially hard time with windows! Not only has condensation formed on the inside of these 1990's windows, but it's begun freezing! Can this be resolved easily? Are these windows still under warranty? Our pros check-in to see how this homeowner can resolve this issue without breaking the bank!

Vinyl Gorell Sliding Door Warping
Another winter-window issue? This homeowner has noticed that during extreme cold temperatures his sliding door warps and the seal widens. This causes not only air infiltration, but also lets ambient noise come in from the outside. Check out the videos from this homeowner, and see if our experts have any recommendations!

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self cleaning glassWhat is Float Glass?
How often do you hear "Float Glass" when it comes to buying new windows? What exactly does this common term mean? Take a look at our "Glass Types" page to read all about Float Glass, how it was created, and why it's so common in the replacement windows community! Read More >>
Ply Gem Windows
Rating 3
"We had 11 windows installed in 2011 - the quality appears to be good - had an issue with one window that cracked." -KSDiver, DE

"A month ago, I had all my house windows replaced with Plygem Professional Series windows. Triple-Pane Low e. They look nice. It is alot quieter inside the house now. " -Mark D, WA

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Vista by Vista Windows
Rating 3
"We bought 3 large slider-type windows and one small double-hung type. The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames and air blows through where the sections meet and at the bottom. They are far less energy-efficient than the old windows they replaced, which were not drafty." -Lisa, MO

"Their triple payne r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price" -Quin, MN

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