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Okna Hi-Mark windows - is this deal too good to be true?
This homeowner received a quote for 10 Okna Hi-Mark 800 windows, costing a total of $2800 installed. There is no denying that these are excellent windows, especially for such a low price, but is it too good to be true? Our professionals are weary that at the quoted price, this could be a sales tactic to get this window shopper in the door. See everything they have to say about this deal! Read More >>
Is $12,000 too much for 4 installed sliding doors?
This homeowner has been researching the PGT 770 Sliding door for quite a while. The product seems high-quality, with strong customer reviews and a great warranty. After receiving a quote, it seems the sliding doors may be slightly out of budget. Is $12,200 too expensive for these high-quality sliders? Should this shopper look for a different brand? Or is it possible another installer would be cheaper? Our pros chime in!

Fairfield CT window options
This Fairfield, Co CT family is looking to replace windows in their 1965 colonial home. After research and reading reviews, they have come up with two choices - Harvey Tribute and Okna 500. While both windows are highly recommended, which one will provide the best value? Is Okna the better choice? Should the Okna 800 be considered? Will Harvey's use of Intercept spacers affect energy efficiency? See what our pros think!

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super spacersSpringtime Soundproofing
Spring is finally here! That means sunshine, flowers growing, and kids playing outside. It also means some extra noise in the evenings that you may not have experienced during the cold winter. How does your choice in replacement windows affect the amount of noise that enters your home from outside? Read our informative post by Oberon about Sound Proofing now! Read More >>
Crystal 500 Series
Rating 4
"I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great." -Bob H, NY

"The window is a basic window without energy efficient qualities. I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties. I like the mechanism that one can engage to be sure the window only opens a small amount...nice for upper level windows. " -CJ, VA

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1900 Series by General Aluminum Windows
Rating 2
"Home built in 2005. 1st failure within 1 year, manufacture wouldn't cover due to Hurricanne Katrina. Paid for replacement window, labor and materials and that window failed 1 year later. Labor and materials covered for 2nd replacement. 2 additional windows on lower level of house failed, materials covered but not labor. " -Jason, LA

"You will continue to pay for these windows by way of the service fee. You might want to find windows that will last longer than 10 years." -CBAJOIE, LA

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