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Sound Transmission Class ratings - a limiting factor?
This homeowner has just purchased a 50+ year old home with a wooden frame, and shingles on the outside of the building. This, alongside the old windows, has created quite a noisy interior. Would it be beneficial to go with a window that has a high STC rating? Are the sparsely insulated walls going to bottleneck the high STC rated window? See what our experts recommend for this noisy situation! Read More >>
Okna 800 vs 1800
It appears that the Okna 800 and the Okna 1800 series windows only have one difference, the 800 is a double pane window and the 1800 is a triple pane window. This doesn't seem like a big enough difference for the dramatic price difference. Are there different levels of Low-E coating? Are the spacers different? Our experts get into the details with this curious homeowner.

Handling a bad Installation?
Most installers take great pride in their installation work, but sometimes issues occur and an installation just doesn't look right. This homeowner is looking for help on how to handle a bad installation. Were the expectations too high? Bad caulking, uneven cuts in brick mold, and an all-around sloppy installation has this homeowner disappointed. Do our experts think the expectations were too high? Should the installation be re-done? See what the pros think here!

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windowscratchesScratches: When are they harmless?
Are there some scratches on your brand new windows? Sometime scratches will compromise the integrity of the glass, but most of the time they are harmless. Before you demand a refund, take a look at this piece of advice from our resident expert, Oberon.Read More >>
Super Energy Saver by Castle Windows
Rating 3.5
"Windows were the 3rd in price but were sold to us at top line pricing. We paid 600 a window and we were blown away when another company told us theyre top of line model went for that price" -Gunner J, NJ

"Very good window. Energy Star, built to last. Feel very good. " -Matt, OH

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Home Guard Reagency Windows
Rating 2.5
"Weather stripping shows on outside of all windows. When you shut the window it pulls down top sash and I can see the outside. " -Beth, MD

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