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A DIY Query
This homeowner is looking to replace old Andersen windows from 1955 with new insert windows - but has run into one problem! Unlike typical windows, there is no removable sash track built into the jamb. Is it possible to install the insert windows? Is this a job best left for the pros? See what kind of advice our experts have for this homeowner. Read More >>
Starmark 900 Series Issues
This winter caused some serious issues for this homeowner who has new Starmark 900 series that are just about a year. During the winter, drafts were noticed on cold nights coming from the side jam where the weather stripping is. What could be the culprit? Something that can be fixed?

Sunrise Casement Windows
This Michigan homeowner is thinking about replacing 25+ casement windows with new Sunrise Casement windows. However, going with Vinyl seems like it might not be the best options. How do vinyl windows affect resale value of a home? Do they lose their tightness over time? Are the better options than Sunrise? See what our pros have to say about these valid concerns.

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airspaceAir Space, why size matters!
Very often homeowners will complain that their new windows are "less quiet" than the ones they replaced. This can be a very valid complaint, and a lot of that has to do with the size of the airspace of a new window. Read our expert post by Oberon about airspace dimensions and sound properties!Read More >>
Atrium Series 500 Windows
Rating 3
"We installed our Atrium Series 5000 windows 8 yrs ago when we built our home. They constantly have had issues with the balance breaking ..." -Craig, TX

"Atrium has gotten a bad rap this year when they decide to refinance the company. But the quality of their windows are great. You can buy them at many national supply house, and Lowes." -Yvonne, CT

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Marvin Infinity Windows
Rating 4
"We had Marvin Infinity Windows installed on all our front windows this week. We loved them in the showroom, but like them better installed. I would recommend them to anyone. " -Dale, CO

"Several of the sashes rotted in just a couple of years--and these were the clad "lifeitme" windows! We picked them because they were supposed tilt in so you can clean the outside of each double sash from indoors... but it takes two strong men and a custom-built rod to get these windows tilted " -Roy, MN

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