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Is a waterproof membrane necessary?
This homeowner is already partway through a large installation of new restoration windows when he realized that the installer has left out the promised waterproof membrane. The installer promises the foam installed will be more than enough. Should this homeowner have the installer start over, is the waterproof membrane worth the extra cost and labor? Read More >>
Okna Starmark DH900 Gap Issue
After having a second batch of Okna Starmark windows installed this year, this homeowner noticed there was a lot of movement vertically when the windows are locked and closed. Is this normal? Should the installer come and look at these windows again? See the attached photos of the noticeable gap, and see what our professional installers think.

Pella Patio Door Problems
"I want to return my Pella patio door" says this disappointed homeowner. Almost 15 months after being installed and many service calls later, the sliding door will still not shut properly. Is this an issue with the Pella door, or the installation? Should a refund be in order, or is this something that can be fixed?

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airspaceCondensation, do you know why?
Condensation is the process of moist air forming on the interior of a glass widow, often resulting in frost forming. Do you know why condensation forms on the inside of your windows? Check out this classic post where our experts help explain to curious homeowners, why exactly condensation forms between window panes. Read More >>
Schuco Windows
Rating 4.25
"In short, excellent design, good but not great execution, and HORRIBLE customer service." -Eric, MA

"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! " -Lynn, MN

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Elements by Softlite Windows
Rating 4
"Overall I really like the engineering design of the windows. They seem to really seal well and have some nice design elements that I appreciate " -Softlite Customer

"The new window is beautiful. I like that it slides open from both sides. The screen also slides so one screen may be used for both windows. The window is in my east facing kitchen " -Cher, IL

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