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Andersen 400 vs Simonton 5050
This North Carolina homeowner is looking to replace 28 rotting windows in a costal home valued over $1,000,000. Simonton 5050 series will cost well over $15,000 more than the Andersen 400 series, but to the homeowner, the low maintenance vinyl may be worth the cost. Will that much vinyl look good in home of with this value? Which option is going to be the least maintenance? See what our pros say Read More >>
PGT Windows Glass and Green Color?
This homeowner has decided on the attractive PGT 700 Series window to replace old windows in a 1950's ranch. The installer noted that impact glass typically comes with a green hue, so it may be best to get a tinted color on the windows to offset the green. Is this true? What if this homeowner wants a true-clear color? See what our pros have to say about this installer advice.
Repairing Rotted Wood Windows?
These home-shoppers are worried about some rotting in about 10 of the 50 windows in a potential home. After being quoted $35,000-$45,000 replace all 50 windows with new double-pane vinyl windows, repairing seems like the most affordable option. Is it a viable option? Can these potential homeowners just repair the rotted windows and move forward? See what our professionals have to say about the homes current condition.

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airspaceTim's Window Tips
Did you know there are two types of gas generally used when filling windows? Do you know that a U-Value of 0.25 is a great rating for energy efficiency? Check out our Tim's Windows Tips for helpful pieces of information to make your window replacement experience easier! Read More >>
Casements and Doors by Renewal by Anderson
Rating 3.5
"It's good to keep out the heat and cold, but the noise from outside is as if there were no door!" -Karen, CO

"53 casement windows installed and although we went with a higher bid the quality and service was worth the money. The house has a new look inside and out and looks beautiful " -The Herreras, TX

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American Craftsman 9500 Series
Rating 4
"Easy installation, high quality, quick shipping, very reasonable, it is sooooo good to know that every manufacturing plant and assembly is right here in the good ol' US of A!!!! Very pleased!!!!!!" -Patti, NY

"excellent window/easy to install " -Jim, NY

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