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So many windows, but what's the best value?
This homeowner is replacing 7 windows in a townhouse, and is having a hard time deciding which windows are the best fit for her. The windows only need to last 5 years, and keeping draft out seems to be the most important feature. She was quoted almost $7,00 for Okna 1800's, $5600 for Okna 500's, $4500 for Ideal, $4500 for Soft-Lite Lotus and $4000 for Soft-Lite Karma. Which of these windows is the best for the quality and money for this young homeowner? See what our pros have to say! Read More >>
Amerimax vs Simonton Windows
The 30 year old aluminum windows in this Central Colorado home are shot and need to be replaced soon. This homeowner has sourced 4 installers and 6 brands and have received quotes from $7115 (Simonton) to $8965 (Amerimax). Are the Amerimax windows worth the extra $1850? Should the more expensive Sunrise windows be considered? What is the best value according to our experts??
Aluminum Impact Windows
This homeowner is looking to install new Aluminum Impact windows in a 1950's home. Quality, warranty, function and looks are the most important factors, but cost is also a big piece of the puzzle. The two options have been narrowed down to GCI and PGT. Are there any benefits from one over the other? Will there be any issues with condensations? What do our pros recommend?

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airspaceDIY Board
Ever wondered if you could replace your old aluminum sliders by yourself? What about replacing a whole window? Did you know we have a whole board dedicated to people starting projects on their own? Check out the DIY Board and see great advice from our expert installers! Read More >>
Farley Windows
Rating 2
"i replaced all windows in my house with farley.i have a broken frame and windows leaking!" -Brian/em>

"After a recent purchase and installation of replacement Farley Windows, I have seen that they allow water to leak into the house " -Window Watcher

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Crystal 500 Windows
Rating 4
"I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great." -Bob H, NY

"The window is a basic window without energy efficient qualities. I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties " -CJ, VA

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