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Taken for a ride by Champion?
All 24 windows of this homeowners 1972 home are ready to be replaced, and a contract has been signed with Champion windows. After further investigation, it seems the quote for $25,729 may be far too high. Is this quote too high for Champion Comfort 365 windows? Should this homeowner abandon his signed contract and find a different window? Which window is going to be the most environmentally sound? Take a look at all the advice our pros give Read More >>
Budget Friendly Windows?
Replacing 15 aluminum windows in this 32 year old Georgia home seems to be more expensive than originally thought. This homeowner was hoping to replace these leaky windows for under $4000, but now with quotes ranging from $6000 to $8000, it doesn't seem totally possible. With drywall, will a framed window be necessary? Will that drive the price up even higher? Our pros check in with this homeowner and help him set expectations on cost, installation, and limitations.
Gorell Seal Failures
Almost 5 years into owning Gorell windows and this homeowner has experienced NINE seal failures. It seems that this may be common with other board members. What options do our homeowners have? Is there a high cost for fixing these seal failures? Do our pros have any recommendations?

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fiberglassFiberglass Windows
Extreme heat, durability, and appearance have long been worries when it comes to installing Fiberglass windows. Should they still be a concern? Is there a benefit to investing in Fiberglass over wood or aluminum? Check out our Fiberglass window page to learn more!Read More >>
Heartland Clad Casement
Rating 2
"Have 3 of their sliders. They have flimsy, weather stripping. So much so that after 5 years curtains blow when doors are closed. " -Bob, KS

"Have custom size sliding glass doors in our home which was built in 1989. Have had to replace all the doors within 7 years, as they all rotted out" -Anonymous, KS

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Pella Pro-Line
Rating 2
"Our windows have never sealed. They are nearly 3 years old and the finish is already pealing from the inside because of the moisture that comes inside when it snows and/or rains.." -Brent, IA

"We built our house 9 yrs. ago thinking that Pella windows would last but from day one the windows in the winter months sweat and dam up with ice. I have sanded them and conditioned the wood put stain and polyurathane " -Mic, NE

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