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Okna 800 vs Okna 800 DX
A homeowner is debating between the Okna 800 series and the Okna 800 DX series, but isn't quite sure of the differences. What makes the Okna 800 a deluxe version? Are the foam filled frames and locking screens worth the small upgrade price? Are there any other differences in the DX version? Our pros chime in on the differences, and whether they are worth the upgrade price.
When does Triple-Pane make sense?
With almost a 25% higher entry price, and a lower VT score, do triple-pane windows make sense for everyone? This Philly-area homeowner is questioning if getting triple pane windows with argon fill and energy rejection coatings will be overkill for the location. Will the 10 point drop in VT be noticeably different to house guests?
Window questions amidst the sales hype...
Frustrated with the sales-hype aspect of window shopping, this homeowner is looking for honest answers to some simple questions. Will windows with a manufactured wood appearance maintain that look for a long time or will it fade? Will a significant amount of argon gas leak from windows when installed at a high altitude like Colorado? What brands other than Simonton and Amerimax have high-quality standards? See what our pros have to say about all these queries.

Review the Basics

fiberglassFiberglass Windows
Often purchased for their attractive appearance, wood windows are a popular choice for replacement windows. However very rarely do you see exterior facing wood windows, instead a newer, clad (vinyl or aluminum covered) window are the standard. Wood, when exposed to the elements, has a tendency to rot and degrade. By covering the exterior with a durable material, there is less need for maintenance! Read all about wood replacement windows here. Read More >>
Pozzi Replacement Windows by Jeld-Wen
Rating 4
"Have installed Pozi windows in several house including mine. Nothing but seal failures on glass and first wind blows separates sash and weather-stripping,drafty to say the least" -Jake

"Installed 16 double-hung aluminum clad windows 3 years ago.Terrific window and a real energy saver. Doing another 10 this spring" -Anonymous, PA

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Harvey Classics by Harvey Windows
Rating 3.25
"Dumb design! All of mine are scratched. I don't think I should be having problems with windows that are less than 3 yrs old. I'd never buy Harvey again - for the $$$, Anderson 400 series are the best.." -mtnhiker, MA

"The north side of the house gets a lot of wind/weather and living by the water they take a beating and are still 100% effective and look fantastic, my heating bill was cut in half since we put them in. Definitely worth the investment." -Kathy, RI

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