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Spots between panes with Gorell Windows
After a routine window cleaning, this homeowner noticed some concerning spots on one of his front casement windows. It appears the spots are somewhere between the triple pane glass. Is this a seal failure? Some sort of leakage? See what our experts have to say about this troubling Gorell Triple Pane window issue.
Replacing windows in a brick house
This construction expert is thinking about installing replacement windows in a 1940's home, outfitted with a stone exterior and brick lining all the windows. Does the brick make things tricky? Can the old windows be replaced without having to replace the original frame (even if they're over 70 years old)? Will replacing the frame add a considerable cost? Our window professionals chime in.
Triple Pane - Casement too heavy?
This homeowner is preparing to order 10 new Soft-Lite Imperial LS windows for a west-facing window with no shade. After some research and investigation, it seems the triple-pane casements may be a little too heavy, and seem to commonly sag after use. Should he be worried about ordering these windows? Would a manufacturer produce windows that have such commonly known issues? See what our pros have to say about these concerns.

Review the Basics

fiberglassWhat are window ratings?
As summer comes to an end and the cold weather approaches, window ratings like U-Value and R-Value become increasingly important. Did you know that your windows' U-Value can directly affect your energy bill? Read our short guide on how these values and ratings affect your home and its energy efficiency.
Lincoln Casement Windows
Rating 2
"We purchased an 8 year old million dollar home with over 120 Lincoln windows. Most of them have rotted, and we have spent thousands of dollars replacing them." -Terryfic, IL

"I have Lincoln casement windows. Many of them have rotted out after 8 years. Some can't be opened at all as the sash has separated from the glass. " -Angry

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AMI Excalibur 0201 series by Alside Windows
Rating 3.25
"Good glass openings (i.e. narrow sashes). So far, good insulation (down to 35 degrees at night). Good colors inside and out." -MikeL2010, VA

"Windows should insulate well, work properly, look good, all at a good price. Alside Excalliburs did it for me." -Redbug, MA

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