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Installing replacement windows like new construction windows - is it possible?
This homeowner had an installer flip-flop their opinion on whether a new-construction window or replacement window was necessary for a below-grade basement window. How is possible to easily change this decision of a full frame replacement requires a larger fit size? Is there any technical reason you cannot fit a replacement window into a full-frame replacement? Our pros chime in!
New glass instead of new windows?
Patrick, a new homeowner, has purchased a home with (what the previous owner claims) new windows, however many issues have been discovered. From leaking, cracks, and sill rot, these certainly don't seem like new windows. Is it possible that the glass in the windows are new, but not the windows themselves? What is the difference? Was the seller misleading by saying "new windows" when only the glass is new? See what our pros think about this issue.
Window World Quality?
After receiving high quotes from Pella and Anderson, this homeowner has finally been presented with a reasonable quote from Window World. The quote includes 6 windows, a large picture window, one smaller window, and a sliding door in the kitchen. For $6200, is this a good deal for the Series 4000 window? Is the quality comparable to Pella and Anderson? Our pros give their advice!

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fiberglassThe Swiggle Spacer System
Since 1979, the Swiggle Spacer System has been providing a dramatic alternative to the conventional aluminum spacer system. The Swiggle Seal was the first flexible I.G. spacer to be marketed as Warm Edge. Check out this page to learn more about how the Swiggle Spacer system helped revolutionize the spacer industry! Read More >>
Double Hung windows by Andersen
Rating 2
"I have replaced 5 of my anderson windows. I have 5 more to replace. The problem is the bottom right of the bottom sash on every window is rotting. " -J. Knoll, OH

"Windows look lovely, But 2 weeks later, bar on the screen popped out while moving it up/down to stain the inside of the window frame" -Gloria, MA

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Restoration Windows by Sunrise
Rating 3
"Windows look fantastic. Windows were installed in the summer, it's now January and we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows." -Root-Man, PA

"No other window company could tell me the R rating and the air infiltration rate. My windows have an R rating of 21 and air infiltration of .1." -Elizabeth, PA

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