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Is $8,000 for 3 windows a "rip-off"?
Sound-reducing? Check! Quality and reputable brand? Check! Affordable? Not so much. This homeowner is worried that their $8,000 quote to replace three windows is a little on the higher side. Even with the sound-reducing features, are the installers asking too much money for this window install? See what our pros have to say.
Okna Vinyl Sliding Doors
After an install of all new Okna Casement windows, this homeowner is looking for vinyl sliding french-style doors. Does Okna even make a french-style door? Is there another recommended brand for this style door? Our pros and users chime in on their experiences.
What is a window pane?
Searching for replacement window information can be difficult, especially when everyone has a different way of describing each element. This homeowner has had some misleading internet searches because of the confusing definition of what a window pane is. Is it a full sheet of glass? Is it each small individual square? Does the real definition even matter with the advancement of the way windows are constructed? Our pros give some insight on what they think a pane is!

Review the Basics

fiberglassReplacement Window Knowledge Center
Are you scrambling to install new windows before winter hits us hard again? All the terminology and specifics can get confusing, trust us, we know! Having trouble figuring out which type of spacer is the best? What type of material is right for you? We've created the Replacement Window Knowledge Center to help you navigate the harder parts of replacement windows. Check it out before you start shopping! Read More >>
PlyGem Windows
Rating 3
"hey look nice. It is a lot quieter inside the house now. They seal good, but haven't had any real wind yet to check the seal" -Mark D, WA

"We had 11 windows installed in 2011 - the quality appears to be good - had an issue with one window that cracked." -KSDiver, DE

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Window World Windows
Rating 3
"Like the fact that the manufacturer and installer are through same place. Never have to deal with installer mistake, measurement error, manufacturing mistake. Only one contact to resolve." -Jim B, OH

"We bought the E rated and were pleasantly surprised at the sound reduction. A nice added bonus. " -CB, AL

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