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Silverline or Ideal which are the right windows?
Will Silverline help keep the cold out in the window? Or are the expensive Ideal brand windows the better option? With so many conflicting reports over which brand is good, which is bad, and which ones you should avoid, this homeowner is having such a hard time! Can our window experts help this window shopper find the right replacement windows for their home?
Nails, Shims, and Questions!
After talking to some window installers and getting quotes, this homeowner is a little bit confused (and worried) about the practices of keeping aluminum covering in place. One installer said they'd install the covering with nails, and that shims were not necessary. Is this standard practice? Our experts chime in about standard practices, and more detail about how exactly windows are installed.
Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding in New Jersey?
This homeowner is looking to install 27 new windows in a New Jersey home, as well as some new siding. While it's important to keep costs to a minimum, quality is something he doesn't want to compromise. Brands like Ideal, Sunrise, and Simonton are all being considered as well as Charter Oak and Certianteed for siding. Do our pros have a preference or advice for this New Jersey shopper?

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Window ChoicesWindow Choices (and what's right for you)
There are so many window choices out there, and it's hard to decide which ones are the best for you. Each household has a different set of needs, figuring out what is most important to your home is the first step to finding new windows. Are aesthetics most important, or is energy efficiency the most important? Read an informative post by our resident exert, Oberon, to help guide you in your window search! Read More >>
Sovereign by Revere
Rating 1
"Seal inside windows have come loose because of the heat" -Anonymous Window Reviewer, PA

"The windows are of poor quality because the double sided glazing tape used to seal window system in frame slide out compromising seal." -koolbreezeya, TX

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Windsor Windows
Rating 2.5
"Since moving in I've installed the screens and have found many issues with the windows, 6 of them have issues with staying open including 2 that plummet once unlocked." -toesnose

"they seem to be good for heat & cooling maintenance. And, the company seems to have a good warranty and is willing to send a repairman " -Doreen, MI

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