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Are Vinyl Windows okay in Canada?
This homeowner is looking to renovate a 20-year-old Canada home and replace the current windows. After researching window materials, it seems like some options are not suitable for the varying temperatures in Canada, especially vinyl. Is it true that vinyl windows expand and contract with temperature, or is this a myth that is often over-exaggerated by salesmen? See what our pros have to say here!
Casement windows and the case of single arm vs. dual arm
Casement windows come with two options for opening and closing, a single arm version as well as a double arm version. It also seems to be a worry by some manufacturers that high wind speeds can cause damage to casement windows when they remain open. Would a dual arm casement window fix this? Is this really even a worry? See what our pros think!
Broken seals and Okna's warranty
After many seal failures, casement discoloration and general issues with this homeowners current set of windows, it's time for new ones! To prevent the issue from happening again, he's been digging deep into warranties to see who will cover broken seals. Okna seems to have a great window, the Okna 400s, but is their warranty going to cover broken seals, if it were to happen again?

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Imapct Glass Impact Glass - Not all is created equal
The technology behind Impact Glass is fascinating, and the difference can mean a lot when you're searching for new windows. Do you need PGT Impact glass, What about PVB? What are the differences and which one is more effective? Take a look at our very informative piece written by our resident expert, Oberon, to learn more!
Sheffield by Alside Windows
Rating 2
"Had 20 windows replaced in my townhouse in 2006 after five years they are still going strong. The windows remain tight and draft free during really cold DC winters & snows, as well as in the brutal heat of summer." -Crosby, MD

"Terribly drafty. Poor quality. Two sashes have been replaced due to weatherstripping not installed right. ." -Greg

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Zap Pack by Jeld-Wen
Rating 4
"The quality of them seems very good the only tricky part I have found is snapping the side balances on to the brackets just takes a little elbow grease." -Tim, GA

". They are generally of decent quality and easy to install. I have run across a few quality issues. Surround grills didn't fit properly on some windows." -Don, GA

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