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Energy Bill Not Budging?
After spending a lot of money on a houseful of new doors and windows, this homeowner was expecting a dramatic change in the energy efficiency of his home. After getting the first bill, the savings only amounted in a mere few dollars. What could be causing such high costs? Was something left out during the updating of this home? Before this homeowner gets an energy audit, our pros chime in on their thoughts.
So many vinyl brands, so many choices!
This first-time homeowner has purchased his first fixer-upper home in Philadelphia. After a few days in the home, it's become clear that the drafty windows are the first thing that need fixing. With all the vinyl window brands out there, how can you be sure you're getting the best deal? Ideal Majestic, Okna Insultec Deluxe, and Soft-Lite seem to be the best options. Our pros give this first time shopper their opinions.
Replacing current vinyl windows, which method is best?
This homeowner is looking to replace Vinyl windows, but keep the Stucco/Maple trim that is already existing. Many installers have given their opinion, and it seems that there are three viable options. All of them range in complexity, as well as costs. Our pros analyze each option and give their opinion on which is the safest, most energy and cost efficient, as well as the most leak proof.

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OberonThe Best of Oberon
Our resident expert, Oberon, has spent many years sharing his wisdom on our forums. We have consolidated some of his most informative and popular posts into one informative page. Take a look and learn something new about Replacement Windows!
Champion Windows
Rating 4
"Very nice windows." -Jeff, MN

"Before my purchase of Champion windows my electric bill on average billing run between $400 plus; Texas summer tempts 102-110 and higher outside, inside my house the temp 86 and 88 with the air conditioning set at 75-76 continually running." -Carol, TX

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Marvin Integrity
Rating 2
"If it has rollers, it won't. I have windows that my wife (not a weakling) can barely open and all the sliders and doors bind, squeak, chatter and are generally lousy" -GJH, MT

"The sliders bind due to sagging upper rail. A 6 foot wide slider can only be opened about 2". " -Window Shopper

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