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Replacement Windows that Reduce Sound on a Busy Street
Living at a busy intersection can be very difficult, especially when your windows don't provide very good sound reduction. This homeowner is out to find a great window at an affordable price that will help block out all the noisy traffic outside their home. While Quietline seems to be the best option, their prices are not budget friendly. Do our experts have a recommendation for this homeowner?
Drafty windows, shims, and the importance of quality installation!
It's been almost two years since this homeowner had Okna Starmark windows installed in his home. Last winter, bowing was noticed in the middle, causing cool drafts in a particularly harsh Massachusetts winter. This year the same thing is happening, and the installers came out to verify the issue. Fixing drafty windows can be difficult, but luckily this issue was resolved with new shims. While buying a high-quality windows is important, more important is having a quality installer do the work!
Waiting to trim windows?
This homeowner is going to be replacing windows within the next year, but is thinking about getting a head start on installing new window sills and casements first. Does this require ripping out the current windows? Is it something that be done with the new windows? Our pros chime in!

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moistureDesiccant and Moisture
There is a science to keeping moisture outside, especially when it comes to your windows. Did you know the same technology used to keep moisture out of your new shoes, food, and other home products is also used in windows? While many shoppers focus on things like Low-E, but Desiccant is often looked past. Take a look at this expert-filled message board post all about desiccant, and its importance in your double and triple-pane windows. Read More >>
800 Series by Okna Windows
Rating 5
"Natural wood laminate option on the inside is beautiful, very realistic. All windows operate perfectly and all are uniform in appearance (good Q/C). " -oldranch, IL

"This window has incredible air leakage ratings with a .02. Most people don't about air leakage, it's all about U-factor but most windows lose more energy from leaks than through the glass. Great Window! " -Jared, VA

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Heartland Clad Casement Windows
Rating 3
"Have 3 of their sliders. They have flimsy, weather stripping. So much so that after 5 years curtains blow when doors are closed." -Bob, KS

"Have custom size sliding glass doors in our home which was built in 1989. Have had to replace all the doors within 7 years, as they all rotted out. " -Window Shopper

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