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Traco Tilt Windows
This New York City apartment has been having some issues with its Traco Tilt Windows, specifically the tilt tab. When unlocking the windows, they fall right away instead of gracefully gliding down. Since Traco is now a subsidiary of Alcoa, will it even be possible to get a replacement for just these tabs? Are new windows necessary?
Nails, Caulk and No Shims? Can this be right?
This homeowner is looking to put replacement vinyl windows into older wood frames, but the proposed installation techniques have him a little bit nervous. One installer said they'd NAIL and CAULK into the vinyl to keep an aluminum wrap in place, while the others have said that shims are not even necessary in this case. Are these all normal options, or are the installers being more liberal with their techniques for this homeowner's special request? See if our experts think these practices are odd, or completely normal.
New Windows in Dallas
This homeowner is looking to replace windows in a 1950's home. After receiving an "alright" quote form Burris window, he wanted to reach out to our experts before making a decision. With the high heat in Texas, is a high-quality vinyl recommended? Would aluminum be the better option? Is there a better brand to go with? Our window pros chime in on how to stay cool in the Texas heat!

Review the Basics

glassHow It's Made - Window Glass
Ever wonder what Float Glass is and how it's beneficial to your home? Or why people are jumping on the Low-E Glass bandwagon? Read our page about window glass, how it's made, and how it can benefit you to learn all about it!
Gorell Windows 5300 Series
Rating 4
" Hi had 14 Gorell 5300 series installed in 2010 had a very good experience from the purchase of the windows to the insulation of them " -Debbie, FL

"Saginaw, Michigan area. Had 19 windows installed in 2007. All the upstairs windows facing North have bubbles in the coating, so they look like crap. " -Hughman, MI

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Encore by Seaway Manufacturing Co
Rating 4.75
"I was real happy with the windows from Seaway. We got Encore. They are real easy to clean and I noticed a difference in the bills. very satisfied." -Dana

"I installed the Encore series windows from Seaway after researching many different brands and seeing the windows installed in several co-workers homes. They were all very happy with the windows." -Dave M, VT

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