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Windows in a New Construction Home
This homeowner has recently remodeled his home, and regrettably, saved the windows for last. Because of the brick exterior and sheetrock interior, measuring the opening for this windows is more difficult than initially expected. Our pros have some tips on how to measure and install windows in this home, check them out here!
Am I getting ripped off?
What would you do if you were getting the bait and switch from a Window Installer? After signing a contract for specific windows, this homeowner had lower quality windows with different R-Values installed in his home. After calling the installer, they said there was nothing they could do. Did he get ripped off? At $365 per window installed, was this still a good deal? Did this homeowner get ripped off? Is this shady practice normal? Our pros give their opinion.
Reattaching Window Trim
What happens when a piece of your windows trim falls off? Is it something that can be set back in place? This homeowner has experienced some mull strip falling off windows, and wants to reattach it. Can it be done? Our pros give some insight.

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glassWindow Ratings & Values
If you frequent Replacement Windows, you've surely read a lot of posts about R-Values and U-Values. Do you know what they are? What exactly do they mean when you're buying a new window? Check out our guide on Window Ratings and Values to learn all about how they can affect the temperature of your home.
Brothers Windows in San Jose, CA
Rating 5
" Great windows, great company - family owned and operated. Have had windows for 1-1/2 years. We had a relative install the windows. Brother's went the extra mile to provide advice, equipment, and materials to make the installation a success." - Window Shopper, CA
" We love everything about the windows. They are built with a combination of the best characterists of the competitive replacement windows." -Gerald, CA

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Crystal 500 Series Windows
Rating 4
"I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great." -Bob H, NY

"The window is a basic window without energy efficient qualities. I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties. I like the mechanism that one can engage to be sure the window only opens a small amount... nice for upper level windows." CJ, VA

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