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Avoiding Slimy Sales Tactics
Coming off the heels of just purchasing a home and having a baby, this homeowner is struggling with the propaganda, misinformation, and deceitful tactics of some window companies. How can he be sure he's getting a good deal? Are there any windows that will come in less than $20,000 for 19 windows? Our pros give their honest opinion on finding new windows.
Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series
With a quote just over $10,000 for 16 new windows, Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series are on the more expensive side of windows, especially for Western Pennsylvania. Are these windows going to be overkill in terms of performance? Will the harsher winters make the extra $80 per window for double-pane windows worthwhile? Our pros chime in on the quality, performance, and cost of these windows. 
Tricky Install (or not)?
Weary because of previous house projects, these homeowners want to make sure they aren't being scammed by potential window installers. Both a Harvey and Simonton installer has told these homeowners that their installation will be a little more costly because of different measurements on the outside vs. the inside of the house. Does this sound right, or should these homeowners move on to the next installer? 

Review the Basics

glassHurricane Season Protection
Hurricane season runs from June to November, and when searching for new windows, it's important to look for things that can help protect you during a storm. If you live in a place that is affected by hurricanes, there are five great products that can work wonders for you. Oberon talks about those products and the importance of laminated glass. Read More >>
Ply Gem Windows
Rating 3
" A month ago, I had all my house windows replaced with Plygem Professional Series windows. Triple-Pane Low e. They look nice. It is a lot quieter inside the house now. They seal good, but haven't had any real wind yet to check the seal. The real test will be this January." - Mark D, WA
" The Plygem Replacement Windows fit like a glove. They are a 100% improvement from our old cold aluminum windows. They're beautiful." -Ken, WA

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Window World 3000-4000 Series
Rating 3.25
"Window World Series 4000 is a good affordable product" -GJC, VA

"While well constructed the seams could have been a lot smoother and look finished more than they did." -John, LA

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