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Troubled Install - Is there hope?
This homeowner opted to hire an experienced installer instead of going the DIY route for his new windows. Now shortly after, the windows are bowing (visibly) and the installer says everything looks perfect. A manufacturer's representative told this homeowner that the windows are working fine and a replacement isn't an option. Is our homeowner out of luck? Is he a little too worried? See what our pros have to say.
Large Storm Window Questions
Due to an inevitable divorce, this homeowner neglected a quickly rotting storm window. Now that the house is in his ownership, its time to take care of the window before there's severe water damage. Can he tear out the frames without disturbing the window behind, or will a new window well need to be dug out with a full replacement? Our pros analyze the pictures and give their expert opinion! Read More >>
How can you tell an installer is qualified?
It's easy to find a window installer, but outside of seeing their work, how can you tell if they're actually qualified and quality? Referrals are always a good idea, but what about friends and family? Do our professionals have any advice? Take a look at what they have to say!

Review the Basics

glassSpacers and Heat
As the dog days of summer approach us and July rounds out into August, keeping heat out is a top priority. Did you know that spacers have a lot to do with how well your windows keep the temperatures in your home cool? Did you what kind of difference gap width makes? Check out our informative post by Oberon to learn more. Read More >>
Impervia Series by Pella Windows
Rating 3
" Nice fiberglass window" -Vijam, OH
" I've had Pella Impervia installed in my home for five years now. They still look brand new. They will outlast me, I'm sure" -Chasrip

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Jeld-Wen Zap Pak
Rating 4
"The quality of them seems very good the only tricky part I have found is snapping the side balances on to the brackets just takes a little elbow grease." -Tim M, GA

"Purchased 17 Zap Pak's for my home from Home Depot about a year ago. Easily installed by myself. Service from both Home Depot and Jeld-Wen was excellent on the few issues that came up." -Woodman, NC

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