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New Windows in a 22-Year-Old Home
This twenty-two year old home is in need of new windows, but choosing which ones are right has become quite the process. After a few quotes, it seems the best options are Simonton, BF Rich, or Soft-Lite Imperial LS. Our pros all seem to have a preference for the Soft-Lite Imperial LS, but the high-quality windows come at a much higher price tag. Are the other options still good, or should this homeowner be prepared for quality?
Working With Old Trim
This homeowner recently had replacement windows installed, and the trim boards are a mismatch. The replacement for the trim, almost thirty years old, needs to be custom made which is driving up the costs of the window project quickly. Is this all due to a contractor mismeasurement? Does the type of window make a difference on the cost? Our pros dive in and give their advice. Read More >>
Soft-Lite Elements?
Initially looking at Champion and Gilkey windows as primary options, this homeowner was impressed by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Soft-Lite Elements. Do our pros think the Soft-Lite Elements window is the best option for this homeowner, especially when considering solar heat gain for a large window that faces the evening sun? Check out what the pros think!

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glassWindow Insulation
Summer is nearing its end and fall is right around the corner. It's important when replacing windows, to consider how insulation will affect you during the cooler months. We uncovered a great discussion involving many of our experts and added it to part of our informative helpful terms page. Read about how insulation can help, when it's necessary, and how to make sure your installer is doing their due diligence. Read More >>
Sunrise Restoration Windows
Rating 4.25
" Windows look fantastic. Windows were installed in the summer, it's now January and we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows." -Rootman, PA
" No other window company could tell me the R rating and the air infiltration rate. My windows have an R rating of 21 and air infiltration of .1." -Elizabeth, PA

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Walside Windows
Rating 3
"My advice is spend a little more money and get a better name brand window." -KMAN2014, MI

"My double hungs let water in when they are washed from the outside, again Wallside this is normal. I also have 6 Siminton 5500 windows, the Siminton is a far better window than Wallside." -Scott S, MI

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