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Choosing a basement window
Surprised by the amount of options available, this homeowner is having a hard time deciding which windows to install in his basement. Should they be the same quality as the rest of the house? Since they're just in the basement, can a lower-quality window suffice? Our experts give their advice about which windows are best suited for this situation.
Working with noise
This DFW Texas homeowner has had it with traffic noise, and is taking all the steps to eliminate it completely. While the noise may be coming in from the walls, replacing the windows is a great way to cut down on the noise as well. Which windows would be the most effective? The Single Hung Guardian windows? Burris? Milgard Quietline? Our pros dive in with their advice on how to quiet down this house. Read More >>
DIY: Replacing windows from the outside
A potential homeowner is considering purchasing a unit as a rental, but wants to make sure the windows are something that can be worked with. Can a window be installed from the outside utilizing blind stops, or is that wishful thinking for this potential purchaser? Our pros take a look at the pictures and the current state of the window to help figure out the quickest and most affordable way to get these windows in working order.

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glassPressure Ratings
Keeping your windows safe during high speed winds is more than just a feature, it's a science! How can you be sure that your windows are going to stand up to hurricanes and late-summer storms? Our resident expert, Oberon, has a great post about windspeed and Design Pressure (DP) ratings. Read More >>
Castle Windows - Super Energy Saver
Rating 3.25
" The locks take a little effort to lock. One window , you have to hold the top window up while locking.." -J Dewey, NJ
" Very good window. Energy Star, built to last. Feel very good.." -Matt Lucas, OH

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Anlin Windows
Rating 4.75
"No leaks, no cracks, sound deadening as promised, installation went smoothly." -Pat, CA

"We love the new windows, both look and operation qualities." -David R., CA

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