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Help! in Colorado
This future homeowner is having a hard time finding quality replacement window brands in Boulder Colorado, and due to county code, the selected windows can just be regular vinyl. Is there a quality reinforced vinyl window out there for the right price? Do our pros have any recommendations on high quality brands? See what they have to say!
Alside Mezzo, Simonton 50/50, or...?
After just purchasing a duplex, this homeowner is looking for a low-priced windows to replace 17 older ones. Are either of these options worth the cost, or is there a better low-cost option out there? Are the Simonton 50/50 windows a good option because of their warranty? Is the lack of energy-star rating a big drawback? See what advice our pros can offer!
To full tear, or not to full tear replacement windows?
This homeowner has 21 windows that are in need of replacement. While they look good, they have become less and less functional over time, and now there are signs of water getting inside. After receiving multiple quotes, it looks like Sunrise Restoration or Soft-Lite Elements are going to be the best windows to go with, but now the question is, should this be a full-tear replacement, or just an insert? Our pros give their opinion.

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helpfultermsTim's Glossary
Did you know a sash is just a term for the part that holds the window in place? Or Low-E is a metallic coating? Take a look at Tim's glossary to learn about all those tricky terms you hear when window shopping! An educated shopper is a successful shopper!
Sovereign by Revere Windows
Rating 3
" this is the best money we've spent on our home. The windows have been installed for around one year now and the reduction on our utility bills is a great plus." -Glen_Char, NC/em>
" at bottom of window seal the double seal leaks and allows window to leak water during high wind conditions" -koolbreezeya, TX

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Polybau Windows
Rating 2.25
"he seal between the double panes on some windows opened, allowing for and moisture formation after 6 years." -Peter, CA

"The vinyl windows are have been breaking down over the last 6 years & are to the point of getting brittle." -Window Shopper, CA

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