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Windows in Boston
These first-time home buyers are finding window-shopping to be more difficult than buying a new car, so they're reaching out to our window pros. With budget being the primary concern, these homeowners are looking for 10 replacement windows and 2 basement sliders. With quotes ranging from $3600 for United 4800 to $5400 for Harvey Classics, are any of these quotes better than the other? Our pros chime in...
Windsor or Simonton?
This homeowner is looking to replace 11 old windows in a 19 year-old home, and can't decide between Simonton 5500's and Windsor New Dimension windows. Price difference is minimal, so this homeowner is all about quality. Do our pros think one window is better than the other? Is there a better option for the price point? See what our pros have to say!
The right patio door...
New to the area, this homeowner is trying to decide between two local options for patio doors. Alside and Viwinco are the two options, but are they quality choices? Our pros give their advice on which brands are going to offer the highest quality at the best price.

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Vinyl WindowsWhy Vinyl?
There's a reason that Vinyl is the most popular window material in the market these days! Energy efficiency, heat transfer resistent, and attractive are all reasons that Vinyl is often the first choice for window shoppers. Read more about why vinyl has become such a popular replacement choice!
Andersen Replacement Windows
Rating 4
" Slider windows all leak air,noise level is very poor my fixed windows rattle in the wind " -Alan
" My experience with Andersen was excellent. This positive experience began with the contact person who scheduled my home appointment and ended on the day of installation. " -Window Shopper, NJ

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Pella Windows
Rating 2.5
"h After a Winter here in MN I noticed a moldy discoloration in the corners or wood casement of the windows. We called our sales rep and he came out to take a look and did nothing about it, he blamed it on humidity" -Lisa

"I had 19 windows and 1 Entry door replaced with Pella in 2002.The salesman was very understanding of my needs and his knowledge was second none. " -Rick, NJ

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