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Fixing cracked windows
This homeowner has cracked windows that need to be tended to, but is unsure how to find the right replacement glass. Does the glass even need to be replaced or is reglazing a viable option? Our pros check in and offer their advice!
Who made my windows?
Before selling his home, this homeowner needs to replace some lower sashes (hopefully in leiu of the whole windows) but can't figure out what brand they are. Our pros help dig up the window brand, as well as some information regarding warranty and quality. Take a look to see what options this homeowner has!
Vinyl Sliding French Style Doors?
This homeowner is looking for vinyl sliding doors that look like french doors, ones that hopefully match newly installed Okna Casement Style windows. It appears Okna doesn't make a solution, but is there a reliable option out there? Our pros give their suggestions!

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Vinyl WindowsSoft or Hard Coat?
Newer hardcoat LowE coatings are very popular in cooler climates, does this mean that they may be better? Maybe in the winter, but there is still a case for using softcoat LowE coatings. Our resident expert, Oberon, talks all about it here.
Polybau Windows
Rating 2.25
" The seal between the double panes on some windows opened, allowing for and moisture formation after 6 years. " -Peter, CA
" poor sealing between top and bottom sash, the seal becomes damaged (it's made of vinyl) and the bottom window will not close properly. " -Window Shopper

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General Aluminum 1900 Series
Rating 2
"General Aluminum 1900 Series windows. Home built in 2005. 1st failure within 1 year, " -John, LA

"I have a ten year old house in North Texas with GA 1900 series aluminum frame windows installed by the builder and at least 50% have broken their seals. " -Millersville, TX

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