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Good windows for under $300 per window?
This homeowner's budget is smaller than many of our professionals would recommend, but are there still decent options priced under $300 per window. It seems all the big brands Simonton, Soft-Lite, and Okna have a budget window, but is the price and indicator of the performance? Our pros give their honest advice.
Understanding DP Ratings
In this recently revived board post, homeowners and professionals help a member dissect and understand what a DP (Design Pressure) rating is, and why it's important. Furthermore, members talk about which brands have high DP ratings and which ones don't. This post is an oldie but goodie!
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Windows and security
Steel windows seem like they would be the most secure windows, based on building materials alone. However, are there other factors to consider when talking about security and keeping intruders out of the home? Our pros talk about double-hung, reinforcements, and the likelihood of an intruder entering through a window.

Review the Basics

Vinyl WindowsSpeaking of security
Poly Vinyl Butyl, or PVB, an interlayer that is often found in a car's windshield is something that you can find in today's newer Impact Windows. Is this level of protection on a home window really necessary? Our resident expert, Oberon, digs deeper.
Double Hung Windows by Home Guard
Rating 3
" ...even during the other months we noticed that the windows seemed drafty at the bottom like the seals are bad. Moisture would pool at the bottom of the windows and we had to wipe them continually or mold would grow. " -terrachic, OH
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Vista Windows
Rating 3.25
"Seems to be a solid window. Operates easy and smooth, tilt in feature is great. Big difference compared to the old, original windows from 1945. " -S. Johnson, IL

"Drafty and poor. Had ice on inside of window " -George, PA

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