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Water dripping in new window installation
A homeowner has recently had new windows installed, and a large of amount water is penetrating through the seals of the window. Is this something that caulking can fix, or does the installer need to come out and fix the issue? Our pros inspect the pictures and give their opinion.
Judging a window by it's salesman
After a rough hail storm, this home owner is looking to replace some broken windows. After some bad interactions with salespeople from Champion, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, and Statewide Remodeling, it appears there are not many high quality options left to choose from. Should this homeowner let bad interactions drive the window choice? Our pros give their honest advice.
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Window Sales Tactics...shady or normal?
A disappointed shopper is coming to our board for some advice. After a three-hour interaction with a Soft-Lite sales rep, it seems that the amount of price adjustments and discounts were just sales tactics to make the windows seem like a good deal. Comparing this experience to a purchase of a car, this homeowner feels more confused than ever. Do our pros think this is normal? Should he search for another sales rep?

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INtercept SpacersIntercept Spacers
Heat loss is a real thing when it comes to windows, and this time of the year is when you should be most concerned about it. Intercept Spacers are so energy efficient that they keep the edges of your windows warmer to keep your home warm in the winter. How? Check out our page on the Intercept Spacer System.
Tilt Double Hung Windows by Weather Shield
Rating 2
" After 10 years E glass is failing causing pitting between panes.Weather Shield is aware of the problem , changing it's design on newer windows.They refuse to negotiate fair compensation for this defect. " -Window Shopper, WI
" The lower sashes of the two $600 Crestline windows my husband and I purchased from Menards do not fit properly within the frames. We requested replacements. " -Rose White
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Pella Impervia Series
Rating 3.25
"I am very impressed with this window. It's much stronger than vinyl and doesn't expand and contract, but it's also much more energy efficient than aluminum " -Markie, OK

"I was not aware that you have to PAINT fiberglass!!! I figured it would be a maintenance free product without the expansion and contraction issues of vinyl....but just like a boat, fiberglass degrades in UV " -Rob, MI

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