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DIY Replacement Window Project or call a pro?
This homeowner is looking to replace regular rectangular windows with floor to ceiling windows and is curious is if this a good DIY project. Our experts give their advice on what's involved and whether or not it should be left to a pro. Read More >>
What's wrong with this window?
These windows on a new construction home have a vibrant purple-pink metallic marking on them and this homeowner can't figure out why. Is this a problem with the window, installation, or something completely different? Our pros help figure it out Check it out! >>
PGT Failure
After seven years of having PGT windows installed, this homeowner has experienced fogging of the windows and had to have a contractor come re-glaze the windows to resolve the issue. This cost about $5000 and this homeowner is curious if this is to be expected. Our pros chime in on the quality and reliability of PGT Windows.

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SpacersThe Importance of Spacers
Two weeks ago we talked about Intercept Spacer systems and how they can positively affect your home, but what about other spacers? What exactly is the purpose of a spacer, and which type is the best for your home? Each climate has different needs, and there are spacers to fit them all. Read our expert post by Oberon to learn more!
v4002xx Series by Sound Solutions
Rating 5
" I love the windows!!! The company gave us a great price and the installers did a wonderful job installing them. " -Curtis, MN
" Beautiful windows, great performance, and a great value! Our salesperson was very knowledgable and guided us through the entire process! " -Window Shopper, MN
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Restoration by Sun-rise Windows
Rating 4.25
"Windows look fantastic. Windows were installed in the summer, it's now January and we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows." -Root Man, PA

"Windows are beautiful, however I'm having issues with outside air coming in thru the lock system." -Window Shopper, KY

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