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Weathershield, Sprouse, or...?
Uwdan, a window shopper, received a quote for both Weathershield and Sprouse windows for a remodeling job. Are either of these windows a good option, or should Uwdan stay far away? The window pros check in. Read More >>
Gap in New Slocum Windows, is it normal?
After opening the top portion of his double hung windows for the first time since installation, this homeowner has noticed a concerning gap in the top of the screen. After reaching out to the installer, it appears that maybe there is no solution. Is this normal? Is this the way that all double-hung windows perform? Our pros talk about expectations and whether or not this is an issue with just Slocum windows, or a larger issue. Check it out! >>
Deciding between two windows
Picking between Okna 500 and Revere Berkshire Elites, a private window manufacturer, is becoming a difficult choice for this homeowner. While Bershire window s are unknown to our professionals, it still seems like a strong contender. Okna seems like the clear choice, with their quality and reputation, but our pros weigh in.

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Knowledge CenterThe Knowledge Center
Have you visited our Replacement Window Knowledge Center recently? It features everything you need to know about replacement windows, from definitions of industry standard terms to the difference in window materials. Check it out before you start your window search!
Marvin Infinity Windows
Rating 4
" . I've had a great experience and my windows are gorgeous. The biggest thing I noticed is the sound. It's so quiet now. Compared to everything we could find this window stood out as the best quality for price. " -Saundra, TX
" hey have been a problem since the beginning. They allow too much cold ( and warm ) air in and are not easy to open and close. Service has been lip service. Distributor came out 3 times made some tweeks, but still same issues. " -Mike H
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Schuco Windows
Rating 4
"One bow window was $6,000 alone. It has crank out side windows that have broken locks that I don't have a clue how they can be unlocked. now I have an upstairs window that either has a cracked frame or was not properly installed as the bottom edge of the window is damp all the time" -Ameyer

"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo. in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling." -Lynn, MN

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