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Windows in California
This homeowner was looking for replacement windows in California, and the topic of Vinyl quality came up. While one user is adamant about avoiding them because of their low quality, our pros have a difference in opinion. Check out this informative post to learn about choosing the right vinyl. Read More >>
Windows for Energy Efficiency
This homeowner in Chicago is looking to replace wooden casement windows, and while top-of-the-line isn't important, energy efficiency is. The choices so far have all been wood, but would vinyl be a better choice for the climate? Our pros give their opinion about how to get the most out of your windows when it comes to keeping the heat in Check it out! >>
Deciding between two windows
This recent apartment owner is looking to fill a large gap (7 foot by 6 foot) with replacement windows. Is this possible? Is there away to maintain a great view of the street below with a door-style window? Our pros talk about brands, options, concerns, and even possibility for this interesting request. Check it out!

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Heat and WindowsOur Top Manufacturers
The window business can be tricky, especially when you're trying to nail down a manufacturer. Which ones are the best? The easiest to work with? Available in your region? And how come some seem like they sell the same exact windows? We have made things easier for you and listed out the top 100 replacement window manufacturers in one easy-to-read page. Check it out!
Windsor Windows
Rating 3
"I purchased Pinnacle clad hinged doors and casements in 2012. The windows have been through some harsh winters and have performed very well. They still look great and seem to be much more efficient than our old windows. " -John, NJ
" Low quality window. Wrong balances were installed at factory (replaced by dealer). Missing weather stripping (fixed by dealer). Bought stain grade wood interior that after much sanding was unable to remove all the silicone caulking left from sloppy assembly at factory. " -John C., CT
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Schuco Windows
Rating 4
"One bow window was $6,000 alone. It has crank out side windows that have broken locks that I don't have a clue how they can be unlocked. now I have an upstairs window that either has a cracked frame or was not properly installed as the bottom edge of the window is damp all the time" -Ameyer

"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo. in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling." -Lynn, MN

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