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Okna 500 or 800?
These homeowners are struggling to choose between the Okan 500 series or the Okna 800 series. With their windowsills being 2.5" deep, they are afraid that holiday decorations like an electric candle, will be impacted by the Okna 800's handle. Is this a true concern? Our pros check in! Read More >>
Experts, what is this part?
A piece in two of this homeowners windows have broken, and he can't figure out what the piece is called to replace it! Is it a common piece? Head over to the board to see if our pros can identify it! Check it out! >>
Power Home Remodeling
This company placed a cold call to one of our board members, and piqued his interest. While Vinyl windows are something this home owner isn't fond of, the contractor claimed their 'Virgin Vinyl' won't expand/contract based on the weather. Is this all too good to be true? Our pros chime in on their opinion of this brand.

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Heat and WindowsOur Top Manufacturers
The window business can be tricky, especially when you're trying to nail down a manufacturer. Which ones are the best? The easiest to work with? Available in your region? And how come some seem like they sell the same exact windows? We have made things easier for you and listed out the top 100 replacement window manufacturers in one easy-to-read page. Check it out!
Anderson Double Hung Windows
Rating 2.5
"Shawn from Colorado Springs was the installer for Renewal By Anderson. He was great, very careful, and explained the warranty and how everything worked. He and his assistant Robert from Denver cleared everything before they left and we were very satisfied with their work." -John, CO
" No different than other companies, Nothing "Special"..... " -Lucy, CT
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Anlin Windows
Rating 4.75
" Love them! Had all windows & 2 sliders replaced last year and very happy with results. No leaks, no cracks, sound deadening as promised, installation went smoothly." -Pat, CA

"We love the new windows, both look and operation qualities " -David, CA

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