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Minimizing Road Noise with Sunrise Windows
This homeowner is contemplating Sunrise Windows Vanguard NRG (Noise Reduction Glass) windows for his master bedroom in hopes of drowning out some road noise. Will these windows make a big enough difference or is the construction of the house more of a concern? There aren't many reviews for Sunrise Windows! Do our pros thinkSunrise WIndows can help resolve the noise issue? Read More >>
OKNA Warranty and Seal Failures
A homeowner is looking to replace west-facing windows in his home, but fears the seals will discolor and fail, as it has happened to all the other windows. Will the Okna 400 series cover this under the warranty if it happens again? Are the windows a reasonable purchase? Our pros chime in. Check it out! >>
Tough Choices on the Right Replacement Window...
Making a choice on a replacement window can be a difficult decision. One of our homeowners made an excellent post about why it can be hard to choose 'the right window'. It seems you'll find a bad review, a class action lawsuit, or a bad experience no matter the quality of the window. How can you be sure you're making a wise investment? Check out this insightful post!

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Heat and WindowsSelf-Cleaning Glass
As we approach the end of winter (or at least get closer to it, anyways) it's time to start thinking about adding a shine back into those dirty windows. What if there were a way to make it easier? Luckily, there is! While "Self-Cleaning Glass" sounds too good to be true, it actually does exist with the help of a hydrophobic coating (similar to Rain-X for a car)! Read Oberon's informative post about it here.
Brothers Windows, San Jose
Rating 5
"Great windows, great company - family owned and operated. Have had windows for 1-1/2 years." -Window Shopper, CA
" We love everything about the windows. They are built with a combination of the best characterists of the competitive replacement windows. " -Gerald, CA
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2000 Gold Series - Unlimited Windows
Rating 2
" Springs on double hung windows constantly pop when opening the windows resulting in the window not staying open. They just fall down. - Laurie, MI

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