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Vinyl vinyl everywhere! But...
This retired Georgia homeowner is looking to replace some windows in his 70's home, but everyone in the area is only installing vinyl. Is vinyl strong enough to stand up to the Georgia heat? Especially when painted? Our pros have some great advice! Read More >>
Clueless about Replacement Windows
This homeowner received a $3200 quote for 3 Soft-Lite windows, and is unsure if the quote is reasonable. As a new shopper, he has reached out to our experts on our boards. Is this a good deal? Our pros give some advice on how to get the best deal. Check it out! >>
Wood Matching Interior?
A CT homeowner is trying to match Vinyl windows to the wood interior of his home, and is seeking assistance from our pros before he makes the right choice. Okna offers a great wood-matching interior, but is the window a good investment? Our pros chime in!

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CondensationWindow Condensation
Condensation is often an issue in the winter, especially when the inside of your home becomes more humid than the out is de. Does it cause problems in your home and with your windows? Should you be concerned? Our resident expert, Oberon, talks in detail about condensation and your windows.
Casement Windows by Lincoln
Rating 2
"Our house was built in 1999. Since then, 15 windows have leaked and fogged. Each winter, 2 or 3 more fail." -jerea3000
" We are actually on our third round of replacing this horrible product, and have to replace the entire frame in order to go to a higher quality product." -Rob
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Pella Impervia
Rating 3
" I've had Pella Impervia installed in my home for five years now. They still look brand new. They will outlast me, I'm sure. - ChasRIP

" Allows bugs and dirt in requiring cleaning every time a slide is opened. - Anonymous

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