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Basement Windows
New to the board (and buying windows), this homeowner needs some quick help replacing basement windows. After researchon our Discussion Boards, it appears the Tundra Series 6400 by Walsh Windows is an affordable $650 per window. Are there better options though? Our pros offer their advice on what options could be a better value.
Atlanta Heat: Fiberglass vs Vinyl
An Atlanta homeowner is searching for 10 new windows, and is leaning towards all the best brands, Marvin, Soft-Lite, Okna, and Pella. While all these windows are top-notch, the real question is how will the Vinyl options, Soft-Lite Elements and Okna Eviro-Star, stand up to the fiberglass options, Pella and Marvin Infinity - especially during the intense Georgia heat? Our pros chime in.
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Newly Installed Windows that LEAK?!
Imagine doing all the research, picking a window, and during the first big rainfall, notice that your new windows are letting water into your home. This homeowner can't figure out what went wrong, and is reaching out to our pros for advice. Is it the windows fault or the installers fault? Our pros suggest the best course of action for this homeowner.

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Window SpacingWindow Spacing
Intercept, super, warm edge, and swiggle - we hear these terms and brands often when we're reading about Spacers. What do they actually do? Our resident expert, Oberon, talks about the importance of spacing in windows.
Gorell 5300 Series by Gorell Windows
Rating 3.25
"Until a year ago we were very happy with them and even recommended them to other members of our family. We have two windows that have lost their seals and are streaked and dirty looking.." -Mary Alice Bloss, OK
"I have recently had the 5300 windows installed. They exactly what I was looking for in a window. They are beautiful and I have received many positive comments" -Earl, KS
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Infinity Series by Marvin Windows & Doors
Rating 3
" I've had a great experience and my windows are gorgeous. The biggest thing I noticed is the sound. It's so quiet now. - Saundra, TX

"We had Marvin Infinity Windows installed on all our front windows this week. We loved them in the showroom, but like them better installed. I would recommend them to anyone. -Dale, CO

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