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Four quotes - how do you decide which is right?
This homeowner has received four reasonable quotes by pretty reputable replacement window companies. How does one choose? The options are Vytex Potomac windows, Simonton Reflection 5500, Okna 800 and Renewal by Anderson windows (which comes in much higher than the rest). Is Renewal by Andersen worth the price hike? Or is Okna, Simonton, and Vytex great options? Our pros weigh in.
Replacement Windows from Big Box Stores?
This homeowner is searching to replace 7 windows in his home, and has gone to Home Depot, Lowes, as well as an independent window company for quotes. Home Depot quoted high on their Simonton windows, Lowes came in just over $4000 installed for a Reliabilt windows, and Allied Windows and Siding came in just over $4000 for a Simonton windows. Do our pros have a preference? Is it worth it to go with an independent window company over a big box name?
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Windows at a 7000ft Altitude?
A Colorado homeowner is looking to replace warped wooden windows in his high-altitude home. Is avoiding wood in such a high altitude a good idea? Is there a specific material that will combat the bitter cold winters and scorching hot summers? Should argon be avoided due to the altitude? Our pros give their advice!
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Window SpacingThe Best Glass for You?
Ever wonder what the difference between Double-Pane, Single-Pane, Low-E, and Reflective Glass are? How do you know which one is best for your home? Check out our Glass Types guide today!
Champion Insulated Glass Windows
Rating 4
"the cost of 10 windows installed in 2007 was over $10,000. Window are a poor quality, I don't notice any reduction in heat loss or outside noise." -Window Shopper, NY
"Very nice windows." -Jeff, NM
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Renewal by Andersen Windows
Rating 5
" The price was slightly higher but the quality is 2nd to none. Renewal by Andersen really does make the best replacement window. -Matthew, MN

"We had 14 double hung and picture windows installed in our family room. They are windows of art -Marianne, VA

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