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Replacing Windows in a Colorado Home
This homeowner is looking to replace (what appear to be) original windows in a 1928 Northern Colorado home. The trim is white inside and out, so Wood and Vinyl are both great options. Do our pros recommend a brand, or anything special in terms of specifications?
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Burris Windows - still a bad investment?
After having some of the more popular offerings come and give quotes, this building owner felt most comfortable with the Burris salesman. Reviews and board posts would signal Burris being a bad investment, but when it comes to LoE-340 and Cardinal glass, could they be the best option?
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Chicagoland Windows
This homeowner is looking to replace 11 double-hung windows in an old house. These will be replacing Milgard windows, which have served their purpose. After getting a quote from Window World, it appears that they were the most affordable. However, our pros are not fans of Window World windows and have some better recommendations.
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Oberon's Acoustic Post Oberon: All about acoustics
A tree falls in the woods... Oberon talks about acoustics, sound performance and how they all play a part in keeping the outside noise outside! It's important to know what factors keep noise out when buying new windows, so be sure to check it out before you make your next window choice.
Castle Windows
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install" -Michael, MD
"The windows seen to be okay, however the installers did not caulk the windows therefore rain entered my home and my walls are falling apart. " -Bee, PA
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Vytex Windows
Rating 3
" Several windows have failing seals after 11 years. Customer service is combative to deal with." -CB, MD

" We have been very pleased overall and have saved a ton in utilities over our single pane windows. The cranks have given us some trouble (sticking) but they came and replaced a few without charge." -Dave, MD

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