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More Insulation or New Replacement Windows?
A rental property owner is nailing down the items that are contributing to his duplexes energy inefficiency. After insulating the attic, the duplex is still inefficient. Will new windows help resolve this? If so, what should this curious window shopper look for? Our pros chime in! Read more!
Installation Warranty on Replacement Windows
After finding a highly regarded installer, this homeowner is worried about the length of the warranty associated with the installation. While the windows may have a lifetime warranty, the installation is only warrantied for three years. Is this a concern? Should he search for a different installer? Our pros give their advice!
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Windows in Kansas
A Kansas homeowner is seeking new windows, and has been presented with multiple quotes from all the big names, Okna, SoftLite, and Sunrise. Many installers are recommending Triple-Pane, but this homeowner is skeptical that these may be a gimmick. Is this the case? Do our pros have a more educated suggestion?
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High Solar Heat Gain Options for Solar Heat Gain
While most window manufacturers don't make High Solar Heat Gain windows anymore, are there options that have the same effect? Should you be considering this going into the summer months? Check out this great post from our resident expert - Oberon!
Pella Pro Line Windows
Rating 2
"The rotting of the wood at the bottom section of the window near the aluminum clad is common. " -AAW, VA

" 7 out 17 windows are rotting. 2 out of 2 sliding doors rotting. house built in 1998. contacted Pella in 2010. Got no help from Pella Corp. " -Roy
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Fibrex by Renewal by Anderson
Rating 4.25
"Great looking window, superior quality ,looks custom. appears to perform well handling cold. ." -Eddie, NY

" Extremely satisfied with the purchase of our new windows! The price was higher than we ever expected to pay for the replacement although you get what you pay for." -Mike, AZ

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