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Replacing Hail Damaged Windows in Texas
This DFW area homeowner has had some damage to three single-hung windows and is looking on advice about which model is the best value. Do our pros recommend Berkshire Elite, Sunrise, or Vanguard? Check out the board post to find out!
Home Craftsman 8100 (or Plygem) Windows?
A vendor is promising high energy efficiency and wind ratings from these Plygem windows, but this homeowner is skeptical. Is Ply-Gem/Craftsman a brand that can be trusted for high quality, or should this homeowner look elsewhere for quality windows? See what our pros have to say.
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Okna vs Sunrise
While the message board is usually focused on replacement windows, this Massachusetts homeowner is trying to find the best value for new construction windows. After some initial research, it appears that Okna and Sunrise provide the best quality, but do our pros have a better option? Read their thoughts here!

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Coated Glass Coated Glass
During our last update, we spoke about Solar Heat Gain and how windows can keep heat in during the cooler months. How is this affected by glass coating? Is there a benefit to hard coats vs soft coats? Oberon, our resident window pro, chats about which type of coating is the most effective.
Okna 800 Series
Rating 5
"All windows operate perfectly and all are uniform in appearance (good Q/C). Super quiet compared to what they replaced. We immediately noticed the absence of the usual drafts and now are seeing better heating efficiency" -Oldranch, IL

" This window has incredible air leakage ratings with a .02. Most people don't about air leakage, it's all about U-factor but most windows lose more energy from leaks than through the glass. Great Window! " -Jared Ray, VA
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Sunrise Essentials
Rating 4
"A beautiful slim replacement window with good energy efficiency ratings. All windows function properly and are of good quality." -Vince, MI

" Locks uneven top n bottom. Seems a little lightweight in frame. Also glass is thin expensive windows as well." -Window Shopper, MD

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