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Glass Replacement - Color Advice
While trying to clear up fogged glass in about 15 windows, it's become clear that matching the glass on the original windows is no easy feat. One contractor had recommended Grey glass, while some searches online suggest green tinted glass will help match the original PP2 glass. Do our pros have a recommendation? Is a full replacement a better option? Check it out here!
Fiberglass or Vinyl in Illinois
A Virginia homeowner is looking to start the first half of what will be a large install of new windows. Quality is a primary concern, but the homeowner is also adamant about not having wooden/aluminum jambs on a Vinyl or Fiberglass window. Mixed with the odd depth of the exterior walls, is this a possibility? Read our pros advice!
Replacing Aluminum Windows
A homeowner is looking to replace six 34-year-old aluminum windows, and is unsure of which materials, manufacturer, and installers are top quality. With the measurements and specifics given, can our professionals help steer this window-shopper in the right direction? Check out the post here!

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Top 100Scratched Windows
We get it! No one likes a scratched window, especially if you've just replaced them. Outside of being cosmetically unpleasing, some scratches can be detrimental to the performance of your window. When should you worry, or when is it purely cosmetic? Resident Window Pro, Oberon, drops in for some advice.
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Champion Windows
Rating 2
"Had 1/2 of my windows replaced in 2006. The windows are very nice quality, but expensive, which is why I could only afford to have half of them replaced." -Cathy, OR

"Had all the windows replaced in 2009. Haven't noticed a decrease in energy consumption. They look good, but the sash operator doesn't allow the window to open fully (design flaw). " -RL, MI
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Gorell 5300
Rating 3.25
"I had 22 Gorell windows installed in my new home construction; now they are hazing really bad. They appear to be very dirty." -Window Shopper, WV

" I have recently had the 5300 windows installed. They exactly what I was looking for in a window. They are beautiful and I have received many positive comments. " -Earl, KS

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