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Windows in Canada
This future homeowner is building a new house in Ontario Canda, and doesn't want to buy the wrong windows. It can be incredibly cold, as well as incredibly warm in Ontario - so buying the right windows seems to be a challenge. Do our pros have experience up north? Check it out here!
Window Comparisons - Sunrise vs Soft-Lite
After narrowing down to two manufacturers, this homeowner is hearing pros and cons of both windows. Comparisons about Argon Gas, Balance Systems, and weather stripping are all coming into play. Do our pros have any thoughts on which manufacturer is actually the better value? Are the differences large enough for consideration? Read our pros advice!
Choosing the best out of the best
Sunrise Restorations, Soft-Lite Imperials LS and Soft-Lite Elements. All three of these are highly regarded windows, and this homeowner cannot decide between the three. What differences between these three options will have the most impact on the homeowner, or are they all relatively the same quality? See what the pros have to say! Check out the post here!

Review the Basics

Top 100The Anatomy of a Window
We often here from window shoppers that the lingo can be so hard to understand. Shoppers will hear words like "Sash", "Spacer", and "Double-Hung" and have no idea what they mean! Don't worry, we've made it easy! Check out our Window Basics pages to learn more about the anatomy of a window
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Sunrise Restoration
Rating 4
"Windows are beautiful, however I'm having issues with outside air coming in thru the lock system." -Window Shopper, KY

"Windows look fantastic. Windows were installed in the summer, it's now January and we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows. " -Root-Man, PA
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Soft-Lite Imperial LS
Rating 4
"Had the double pane argon windows installed in July of 2002. One of the seals on double paned window broke. I was nervous about "Lifetime Warranty." To my pleasant surprise the glass will be replaced at no charge as long as we return the glass to their store to have it re-glazed." -KAK, OH

" I was worried about the price but after they were all in I believe they are worth it. The windows open easily, are easy to clean and my wife loves the ability to open both top and bottom sash at the same time. " -Robert, WI

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