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Budget (but quality) Windows in KY?
A Kentucky homeowner is looking to install twenty-four replacement vinyl windows in his home, and hopefully coming in under $10k for the finished job. Anderson, Marvin, and Simonton all seem to be great mid-range competitors that would fit this homeowners budget. But which is going to be the best value? See what our experts have to say! Check it out here!
Window Distortion Issues?
This homeowner is hoping to install new windows in his San Francisco home soon, but wants to make sure everything is done correctly. After some research, he's noticed that some windows have a distorted reflection, something that he'd like to avoid. What is the cause of this distortion? How can it be avoided? Read our pros advice!
Mid Range Value Window?
This Boston window-shopper is looking to replace two small apartment windows for under $500 total. While Home Depot windows may fit the price, are they going to be a decent enough quality to stand up to Boston winters or putting in an air conditioner in the summer? Our pros chime in on the best choice for this window shopper! Check out the post here!

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Top 100Supercept Spacers
Simonton Windows feature a robust spacer system called Supercept. Recognized for it's strength and durability, the Superscept Spacer system has been a manufacturers favorite since it's release. What exactly does a spacer do? Check out our spacers information page for more information.
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Castle Windows
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install" -Michael, MD

"Three of 5 windows needed repair within months of installation. Security feature that prevents the window from being opened beyond a certain point allows outside air into the house. " -Window Shopper, PA
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Sovereign Windows by Revere
Rating 3
"this is the best money we've spent on our home. The windows have been installed for around one year now and the reduction on our utility bills is a great plus." -Glen_Char, NC

"Seal inside windows have come loose because of the heat - replaced window panes not windows - not sound proof paid for replacement windows -not window panes - screens are cheap" -Window Shopper, VA

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