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How will Pella 250 compare to Window World 4000 when install in Pittsburgh, PA
These homeowners have done their research and narrowed their window selection down to two options - Pella 250 or Window World 4000. Do our pros think these are good choices or is there a better option in the Pittsburgh, PA area? Read what the pros have to say!
L-Shape Joint
This L-Shape joint is used when mounting replacement windows, and this installer isn't sure whether or not it needs to be caulked to keep rain out. Our pros have a lively debate about what is the correct thing to do with this joint. Check it out here!
Fiberglass/Composite Replacement Windows
Finding Fiberglass/Composite replacement windows is no easy task. While new construction windows have plenty of Fiberglass/Composite options, the choices for Replacement Windows are few and far between. Do our pros have any thoughts for these homeowners? Are there any go-to manufacturers? Check out the post here!

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Top 100Airspace
It's a common complaint that new windows aren't nearly as quiet as they used to be. Is it because of the materials used nowadays, or just the quality of manufacturing? It's actually neither! Check out this informative post from our resident expert, Oberon, about how Air Space effects the quietness of your windows.
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Harvey Double Hung
Rating 2
"The glass quality is so bad that it deteriorates after about 8 years. It seems like there is a fog outside all the time" -Window Shopper, CT

"I purchased 13 Harvey windows in 2003 and in 2008, I had to replace 7 windows because of broken seals, locks. They did honor the warranty, but it cost me $80.00 for the repair person to replace windows " -Window Shopper, PA
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Jeld Wen Zap Pak
Rating 4
"The quality of them seems very good the only tricky part I have found is snapping the side balances on to the brackets just takes a little elbow grease." -Tim, GA

"I bought 8 windows from Home Depot and was very satisfied with them. The specialist at Home Depot was very knowledgeable and made the measurement and installation accurate and easy." -Lou

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