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From the Super Spacer web site:

What is Warm Edge Technology?

Today more than ever, homeowners are replacing their old worn out windows with energy efficient replacement windows. Poorly insulated windows can attribute to 25 percent of a building’s heating and cooling loads. As a homeowner, it is just as important to know what type of window spacer material is being used on the insulating glass unit as it is to know what type of glass package (or glazing) is going into the window. The type of spacer material in your windows can make or break your investment!

In order to overcome the thermal inefficiency of conventional aluminum spacers, a new type of spacer product called warm-edge technology has evolved in the industry. Warm-edge refers to the type of spacer material used to separate the panes of glass (or glazing) in an insulated window unit. If the material conducts less heat or cold than a conventional aluminum spacer at the edge of the glass, it is said to be ‘warm-edge.’ Most of these newer spacers are less conductive and outperform pure aluminum. But there’s still one small problem-- they all contain some kind of metal. And metal is highly conductive

Super Spacer also sent in this recently gained information about their product:

The GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) of London, England has recently completed a study of warm edge spacer systems that began in January, 2002. The government funded Pii Project's primary objective was the evaluation of the thermal conductivity of commercially available warm edge spacer systems. The study included aluminum bar, Azon Warm Light, Swiss Spacer, TPS, Swiggle strip and Edgetech Super Spacer. The two year project included software simulations as well as "real performed with various window componants such as clear glass, low-e glass, soft timber framing and aluminum framing systems. Each test series was kept standard with the exception of the spacer bar. At project completion, Edgetech's Super Spacer was best in all catagories.

Super Spacer recently received news that it has passed the difficult European gas loss standard. The newly adopted EN 1279 European Norm standards have proven difficult to pass for most. Edgetech has recently been awarded passing marks for the EN 1279 part 3 portion of the standard entitled, Long term test method and requirements for gas leakage rate and for gas concentration tolerances. Edgetech had previously passed the 1279 part 2 portion for long term requirements for moisture penetration. With the addition of the part 3 testing complete, this allows Edgetech to freely sell it's products throughout all of Europe, to the new standard of the future for that part of the world. This opens up an entire new market place for Edgetech for future sales growth.